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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Free Food and Customer Service

I love food, but I like free food even more! Want to know the secret to getting free food? Having an opinion! Also punch cards. Many companies have surveys on their receipts. I do this all the time at CafĂ© Rio. I’ve saved up so many receipts that I basically get a free dessert every time I go. They also have a pretty great rewards program. They will also sometimes send out surprise deals like free meals, buy one get one free deals, or will give you cash/credits on your birthday. 

Other places like Panda Express will give you an extra side for free if you take a 3 minutes survey.  Some places will give you a free meal if you purchase 7-10 meals. These work well at places like Rumbi. They often will send emails or send coupons in the mail for BOGO meals. Many times they'll give you a punch for the meal you pay for and the meal you get free. Sometimes if you sign up for email lists or text deals you will get cheap or free food. After you get the deal you can remove your name from the list if you don’t want to participate anymore. 

Earlier this week I went to eat at Noodles n Company. I’ve eaten there quite a bit in the last few years. It’s became a favorite place to go eat with friends. I used to eat there once or twice every other month. They send out a lot of BOGO deals, however In the last 6 months they’ve started changing the menu. 
They got rid of most of my favorite items and have started adding new different items. I’ve tried a few of them and really haven’t ended up liking any of them. The salad I tried this week was really disappointing. The last few times I’ve gone I’ve ended up trying new dishes and leaving most of my food on the table because the food is dripping in sauce and really unappetizing. 

I have never written into a company to complain or say I’m unhappy because usually I’m happy with what I order. Because of all of the menu changes and my last few experiences I decided to write into the company. 

They responded to my email within 24 hours. They were great to talk to! They asked me what location I usually eat at and I sent them a picture of the last item I ended up leaving at the table. I told them all of the things I liked about their restaurant and why I’ve started eating at other locations due to all of their changes. 

After a few emails back and forth they ended up sending me a $20 gift card. I thought that was generous of them, and if I use that with a buy one get one free deal that is 4 meals for free. 

I've always enjoyed their pesto noodles and their tomato bisque soup. 

I wrote another post about places that you can get free meals from a few years ago. Click here to check it out - Birthday Parties!

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