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Monday, April 24, 2017

Oh My Soul - Oh How You Worry

One day last week I was feeling a little down. It seemed like everyone around me had huge insurmountable problems, and I couldn’t help them. I wanted to help lift their burdens, and I thought lending a listening ear would help, but instead it got me thinking of all the things I couldn’t do. Usually I try to see the flip side of things, but I couldn’t really see anything positive coming out of these circumstances. 

I decided to go for a walk and stopped in at a store. At the very end of the store I found this mug. I’m usually not a mug person, but this one stood out to me. It was only 75 cents, and I thought it was a great reminder. I didn’t intend to drink out of it. I just wanted to put it in a place that I could see every morning when I woke up. 

I really love it! It’s the first thing I see in the morning. I get my phone and while I try to warm up in my blankets and decide if I really want to get out of bed I read this mug. I looked at the bottom of the mug to see who designed it, and realized that I have a room full of cute sayings designed by the same person. I talk about them in this post. It’s a Sign!

I used to be a very calculated and in control person. I’ve been trying to find a balance between that and being more trusting and spontaneous. I’ve learned that if you try to change, the Lord gives you ample opportunities! The last two weekends have been the beginning of said opportunities. 

Two weeks ago my friend randomly texted me on a Thursday night and asked me if I wanted to go on a 20 hour road trip to another state to see a pageant. The old me would have said, “No way! That’s way too long in a car with people I don’t know. What if they are not responsible or dangerous drivers? What if I get car sick?” The 'What If' game would have continued and I would have talked myself out of it. 

This time however I thought about everything that had been going on in my life. My mother reminded me of how I wanted to go on a vacation and this was a great opportunity. So I decided on a whim the night before to go! This would also be my first real friend road trip. 

There were a few moments before we left where I almost changed my mind and turned around, but I felt like this was meant to be, and later on I found out that was true. It took us 10 hours to get to our destination. 

The next morning we decided to head to the temple. On the way there everyone was singing and I looked out the window and saw that the gas flap on the car was open. The girl in the back said, “Oh no! I forgot to put the gas cap back on when we filled up at the gas station. It’s hopefully on the ground back at the gas station.” Luckily we hadn’t driven too far, so we got off the freeway and turned around and headed back. Usually I would be really upset at something like that, but for some reason I was really calm and felt okay about it. I prayed on the way back that we would find the gas cap cover. We drove back and the gas cap was left on the pump. We put it back on and headed back toward our destination. I was so grateful that we found it!

As we drove I told everyone in the car that this probably happened for a reason. I came up with some crazy reason as to why it happened, but really figured it was just meant to be. 

We got to the temple and found out that they don’t rent clothing. We got moved around while they tried to figure out if they had extra clothes for us to use. I was just fine waiting. I had no reason to be in any hurry. I kept looking around for someone I might know. I felt like everything had happened for a reason, and maybe that was why. After we were waiting inside for a while, I figured maybe it was all in my head. 

We went to the changing room and they brought us out some white temple clothing. While we were standing there this girl came up to me and said, “Elysha?” I turned around and it was this girl that I was in the same ward with 3 years ago! I was so excited! I gave her like 3 hugs. We caught up. I found out that she’d recently moved there about a month ago and didn’t know anyone there.

 It was such a tender mercy! I was so happy to see her. I definitely saw the hand of God in my life. After a while I turned to the girls I’d gone with and said, “I think I know why someone forgot to put the gas cap on the car. I think it was for me. I think we had to turn back and we had to wait to get clothing so that I would be in the same place at the exact same time as my friend!” 

A few days later, 2 days after I got home, I was getting ready for work one morning. I needed to pay my friend for gas for the trip and it was $30. I thought to myself, “I guess I’ll have to go to Walmart after work so I can get some cash out. I only have $20 now, because I paid cash for our dinner while on the trip.” I went to work and someone from the front desk called me and said, “Are you full time? If you are full time you don’t have to pay a deposit on your key. I just noticed this yesterday. Come get your $10.” I was surprised. I paid the deposit on my key almost 3 years ago, and now on a ‘random’ day they call me and give me the exact amount of money I needed. I hadn’t even said a prayer, and $10 isn’t a lot of money, but I appreciated the Lord once again showing me His hand in my life. 

It’s amazing how once you start looking, you’ll see how blessed you truly are! I’m going to add a link to one of my favorite songs right now. Change is hard, but if it’s change for the good, I know the Lord will walk with you and help you make that change. 

I’ve probably shared this song before. It’s called “Oh My Soul.”


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