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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Dating Highlight Reel

Due to the popularity of my last dating blog, a lot of people have asked me questions like “What are some of the best/worst/weirdest dates you’ve been on?” I’ve decided to post some of the highlights here. How do I remember all the details of these great events? It’s courtesy of my weekly journal writing. Enjoy! 

1- Gift Card Boy

Back in 2011 I was working and going to school. I had a great group of friends and would occasionally go on dates. We got bored one day and decided to knock on every door that was anywhere near our apartment and invite a bunch of random strangers to our house for a party. No one decided to take us up on that offer, but we did run into my roommate’s brother and his friends. 

Everyone was outside sitting in the sun, but one guy who was wearing a "Kiss the cook" apron was going inside and outside of the house while finishing baking some cookies. He looked really familiar, and he thought the same thing about me. We talked to each other trying to figure out what it might be. The same school? No. The same EFY group? No. The same major? No. The same state? No. I offered up that I was half Portuguese? No, but that was something! Guess what? He ALSO was half Portuguese! He got really excited and started talking about his parents and how they met. He talked about his mom and how she was from Portugal and how they’d love to meet me. It was all just a little too much and really weird. 

We left the party and before we left he said he’d probably stay up all night long thinking about it and tell me when he’d figured it out. I didn’t give him my number, and figured I’d never see him again. 

A few days later I was at work sorting the mail in the basement of the university I worked for. I would open the mail, figure out where to send it, and divide it into piles before delivering it. As I was doing this I saw a guy pacing in the hallway. It was the guy from the party! I started realizing that I never told him where I worked, but as soon as he walked in I figured out why he knew where I worked. 

(Side Story: A few weeks before, he’d come into my work for an interview. He was in the wrong building on the wrong side of campus and so we gave him directions on how to find the other building and sent him on his way.) 

He walked in and we started talking. We’d come to the same conclusion of how we’d met, and he came all the way down to my office to let me know he’d figured it out. I politely chatted with him while working on the mail. It was a large open office, and I had about 6 of my awesome older female co-workers watching to find out what would happen next. I felt super awkward and wanted him to leave, hopefully without incident. (But that’s never how it works.)

The conversation had gotten to that awkward point where it wasn’t going anywhere, but he wasn’t leaving. I kept sorting mail and as he got ready to leave, he dropped a little envelope on the counter. I was working on the mail, so I figured he was leaving it for one of the full time staff that worked in the office. It didn’t have a name on it, so I picked it up and said, “You dropped this.” He said, “I know.” I was confused and just gave him a weird look until he said, “It’s for you.” With that he walked out the door. 

I opened it up and inside was a prepaid $20 gift card for Costa Vida. I turned to everyone in the office to show it to them and tell them what it was. The card inside said, “Of course I remember you, how could I not?”  It also had a smiley face, his name, and his number inside the card. It didn’t have my name on it, and I assumed that he’d forgotten my name, because I’d forgotten his. I was kind of tempted to take the card and just go out to eat by myself, but everyone in the office told me that I had to call him when I got off of work and go out with him. 

So a few days later we went out. I wasn’t very interested in him before the date, but I really wasn’t interested in him after the date. We went to Costa Vida and I ended up paying with the gift card, that he'd originally paid for, and talked for an hour or two. We didn’t really have a lot in common except for our ethnicity, and I was planning to put my mission papers in, which I did a few weeks later. 

It didn’t work out, but I did have to give him points for creativity and putting himself out there. 


  2- Date Swap

This was one of the weirdest dates I’ve ever been on. I’d met a guy, we’d gone out a few times, but nothing ever came of it. My roommate and I had met some of his friends, and a few weeks later one of his friends called and asked me if my roommate and I wanted to go on a double date. I asked her and she was all in. 

The day of the date came and we realized that we didn’t know which guy we were supposed to be on the date with. So we decided that when we got out to the car whichever guy opened the door for us would be our date. 

They came to the door and we walked to the car that was parked right outside our door, and they were both standing by a door with the door already open! I was confused so I asked them where we should sit. They said we could sit wherever we wanted to, so I just jumped in the front seat and decided that the driver would be my date.

We went to the bowling alley and met up with 2 other couples. Bowling was fun. I tried flirting with my date a little, but all he wanted to talk about was his ex-girlfriend, and neither of our dates wanted to sit by us. It was weird.  

About half way through the date, I walked over to my roommate and told her that we should switch dates (because obviously this was an open date, and my date wasn't really talking to me anymore.) I started talking to her date, and she went to talk to mine. Her date was a lot more talkative, and it was his first date home from his mission. My date seemed to like my roommate a lot more, and was actually talking to her.

 After we all went and bought ice cream at Wal-Mart and then went back to our apt. We played Monopoly Deal, and they didn’t seem like they wanted to leave. Around midnight they got up to leave. We didn’t know how to say goodbye, because we weren’t sure who we were on our date with because we’d switched back and forth and flirted with both boys throughout the night. So I hugged boy #1…and then I hugged boy #2. My roommate did the same. It’s the only thing I could think of to do. It was the first and the last time we went out with those boys.


                                                                    3- The List Continues

I’ve been on a lot of weird dates, but I’ve also been on a lot of fun dates. I think dating is one of those necessary things in life, and I’ve walked away with some great stories. I’ve posted about some more recent dates I’ve been on in these two blog posts Not All Dates Are Created Equal and How Do You Define Yourself?

One of the more memorable dates I went on included a guy taking me to his tithing settlement. I sat out in the lobby smiling at people who were in his ward and making small talk. This was on our second date. We went to a play afterwards.

My shortest date was about a foot shorter than me, and lasted about 30 minutes. He came and picked me up from a relatives house and we went to a local book store. He instructed me to pick out a book that represented me, and then we'd meet up and describe why that book represented us. I picked a poetry book, he picked a motorcycle book. I picked a movie book, and he picked a book about dogs. We did this about 5 times. As soon as we were done, we got back in his car, and all of the sudden we were driving back towards my house. We got to the front porch and my aunt opened the door on her way out and said, "Oh! back already?"  Smiled politely and closed the door. It was awkward and totally embarrassing.

On another occasion I went on a "work out" date. We went to the indoor track on campus and he had planned for us to go for a run. I'm not much of a runner, and by that I mean I don't run ever. I told him to run and I'd just walk at a quick pace. He didn't like that idea, so instead we walked for 6 or 7 laps. After when we got back out to his car he had Gatorade for us, and then we went and got In-N-Out Burgers.  

I also got an interesting gift after one of my dates. It was really cool and delicious. However it was really heavy so I had to leave it at a friend’s house until I could get my car and drive over to pick it up.  

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