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Sunday, May 8, 2016

We Need to Ask

I’ve learned some new things the past few weeks. I would have a new thought, and then I’d forget about it. This was inspiration I was seeking for, however the answer wasn’t what I was expecting. One night as I was thinking about my prayers and the answers (or lack of answers) that I’d received, I realized that I have never really asked the Lord for anything. 

I don’t know if it’s because I didn’t think he’d answer me and I didn’t want to be let down, or if I was afraid to burden him with my childish wishes, but I realized that I would ask halfheartedly or just wish for something. The Lord often answered my prayers, and gave me the things I needed. I recognized his hand in my life, but I got by on these types of prayers. 

Recently I’ve had some issues that I couldn’t resolve myself, however I wasn’t sure if I wanted to trust the Lord with my problems. It was then that I realized that He can’t come in and fix our problems if we don’t ask for His help. There are some moments when we don’t have time to ask, and he comes to our rescue. He hears our silent pleadings and he sends us peace, however there are other things he can’t give us unless we ask. 

In church today a bishopric member got up and started talking about some memories he had in connection with his calling. He talked about some family trials and trusting in the Lord. He talked about healing. He talked about when the Lord heals a blind man in the New Testament. The Lord was walking through the streets and saw a blind man. Everyone tried to get Jesus to move forward, but He wanted to talk to the man. Jesus asked the man what he wanted. The blind man said he wanted to be able to see. 

It’s at this point that once again I realized that we need to come to Christ and ask for what we need. I personally have a hard time going to someone I know, looking them in the face, and asking for help. Sometimes it feels humiliating. However, it shouldn’t be. The Lord doesn’t judge us. With the Lord it’s an empowering moment. It’s us giving our will to the Lord. It shows Him that we trust Him. It builds our faith. It strengthens us. 

I think about times in my life when I’ve felt a prompting to call up a friend, or to visit a neighbor. The Lord is asking me to reach out to those around me. When those moments come I’m not embarrassed or ashamed that He’s asking me to do this small service. I think maybe that’s how He feels when we go to Him. He’s probably honored and happy we finally took down our walls and felt we could come to him. 

A video came out a number of years ago called “Finding Faith in Christ.” I’ve watched it many times, and I love the depiction of Christ in it. One of my favorite scenes in this movie is in the first minute of the video posted below. A man comes to Jesus asking for Him to heal his son. He ASKS for him to help his son. The Lord asks the man if he believes. Then once again the man ASKS the Lord, “Help thou my unbelief.” Jesus answers both of his requests, and changes this man and his sons life.

Sometimes we need to ask. Ask, Seek, Knock. It might seem scary, but it’s worth it. 

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