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Sunday, February 21, 2016

You'll Pull Through

Today as I left church I was trying to remember where I parked. I try to find a pull through parking spot every Sunday, so that I don’t have to back out. We were late today, so I just pulled into the first parking spot I could find. While walking to my car I was hoping the car in front of mine would be gone. 

As I walked toward my car I noticed an empty parking space in front of my car, and hoped that no one parked there before I had a chance to leave. In my mind I thought, “I hope no one parks there. I hope I can leave first. I hope I can pull through. I think I can pull through. I think I’ll get to pull though. I can pull though. I’m going to pull through.” Then as an afterthought I heard in my mind, “You’re going to pull through. You’re going to make it through. It’s going to be okay. You’re going to pull through.” 

I was surprised and amused at the play on words. While I was just thinking about a parking spot, I was left pondering the words “Pull Through.” I’d never thought of the double meaning. I guess a lot of times it’s used when people are referring to people who are sick, and whether or not they’ll get better. 

Now I feel like I should mention that I'm also fine backing out of a parking spot. I do it every single day. However when I'm in a crowded parking lot, I'd prefer to just drive out of it instead of worrying  about hitting things behind me that I can't see.

I found this quote today about arrows that I really liked. It makes a good point (The quote and the arrow.)

A few years ago I came across the song I posted above. It’s surprisingly uplifting and every time I hear it, or it comes to mind, I just feel better.  “You’re Gonna Make It After All.” Sometimes it’s hard to know if we’ll make it through something. When you’re on the outside it’s easier to assure someone that they’ll be just fine, but when you’re in the middle of a chasm, sometimes it seems like there is no way out. 

There is a way out! Sometimes you have to be creative. Sometimes you have to go back out the way you came in. Sometimes you need to grab on to a rope or a hand that has been dropped down for you. I promise there is always a way to see the light and feel the sun again. 

You'll pull through! 

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