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Friday, January 8, 2016

Hamilton - The Musical

Alexander Hamilton, have you heard of him? Isn’t he that guy on the $10 bill? Was he a president? He probably signed the declaration of independence. These are all things that I thought when I heard his name. 

A few months ago people started mentioning to me that there was this new amazing musical called “Hamilton.” They all had great things to say about it, however I just was not catching the vision. Last week I finally sat down and started listening to clips of it on YouTube, and now I can’t stop!
It’s a hip hop musical about history. It’s mind boggling. I learned more about our country in 2 hours then I previously had known. He was human. His story is inspiring and troubling. The lyrical genius behind this is seriously amazing. I only wish I had that kind of talent. The music gets stuck in your head so easily. Lin-Manuel Miranda tells this story like no one else could. Here is a news clip about his process and the musical itself.

There are a few truths/thoughts that he puts throughout the play that I find very inspiring. I tried to pick out my favorite songs, or at least some that show some of the talent in this play, but then I got sucked into listening to the songs, and now It’s more than an hour later and clearly nothing has happened. So, if you find you have some time on your hands listening to some of these songs and fall in love with Hamilton! 

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