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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Did Mary Know?

I found my new favorite Christmas song on the radio last week. I was listening to K-LOVE and it came on. I had to Shazam it and find out who sang this beautiful song. It's called "Just A Girl" by Brandon Heath. I love all of the lyrics of this song, and I love “Just a million angels crowding in to see.” The imagery in this song alone, takes my breath away! Last week I listened to it for two straight days on repeat. I really cannot get enough of this song!!!

While at work this week I realized that all of my favorite Christmas songs revolve around Mary the Mother of Jesus. I picture this young, maybe 16 year old, being frightened, scared, and alone. I picture her trying to explain herself and her situation over and over again in her mind. 
Clearly I’ve never been an expectant mother, nor do I pretend to think I know anything about her life or what she went through, but I feel like I just understand her. I feel like these 3 songs perfectly articulate the feelings that I have when I think of Mary. This next song is "Mary Did You Know?"

Did she wonder? Did she worry?Did she know? Was she just a girl?

The last song is a song called "Breath of Heaven." I fell in love with this song when I was 17. The beginning of the song touched my soul and I've sung it to my self many times. Amy Grant sings this version, and I seriously love her. I got to see her perform live a few years ago, and it was an amazing concert. She was so real and down to earth. I've mentioned her before on this blog, but if you've never listened to her music before check her out! 

I’m just a girl. That’s what I’ve been thinking about the most this week. I am just a girl. However there are so many girls and boys for that matter who have changed this world. They accomplished something great. They were just people. They just lived normal lives, and they just made little decisions every day. Those little decisions added up and they made the right choices to be where they are today. 

So I will proudly answer the question, “Who are you?” one day by saying, “Just a girl.”

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  1. Just a girl, standing in front of a boy.... Sorry, but I couldn't help myself.... ha ha, nice post beautiful!