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Sunday, November 15, 2015

In My Mind

A few weeks ago my roommate and I walked around taking pictures of all the fall colors and leaves. We decided to take some classic "throwing leaves into the air" pictures. However, the wind picked up as soon as I threw them. This picture was an epic fail, but every time I see it I can't help but laugh because of how funny it is, and how sometimes people are blissfully happy even though everything around them is going wrong. (That's probably because most of the time they don't notice until someone else points out that fact out to them.)

On a completely different note-  I'd say that this is one of the best things that I’ve written, and it just resurfaced, so enjoy!

In My Mind

Every story needs a start
And every person needs a heart
These are essential for one to survive

I thought I saw a chance with you
I saw a second glance from you
I took a leap that turned into a dive

I’ve heard curiosity kills the cat
But I was coming up to bat
And fight or flight seemed like the only solution

I don’t know much about most sports
And flying won’t hold up in courts
To stand my ground became my resolution

I found a brand new life in us
I found there was no strife with us
I started to learn how to relax

I started singing lyrics loud
I started cheering with the crowd
I found I did not need all of the facts

I was in a different place than you
I was in a different space than you
When suddenly the world came crashing down

I found that all my walls came up
I didn’t want to fall came up
It was in my mind so you didn’t hear a sound

I found that I was on new turf
A whole new world, a whole new earth
And suddenly I didn’t feel so stable

I felt I needed to save face
This was a game, not quite a race
And what I needed was a friend not label

I decided to walk off the track
I headed home, not looking back
I’d told you all my thoughts before this started

I don’t think that this was new
You had some reservations too
You moved on, you weren’t that brokenhearted

Every story has an ending
Every heart may need some mending
Everyone goes through a little strife

In the end I guess I’ve learned
If there’s no fire, you can’t get burned
Each gamble is a little thing called life

Elysha 12-21-12

                                                            Have a great week!

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