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Monday, November 23, 2015

Musical Madness

These songs/lyrics basically sum up my brain right now: Welcome to my world!

“If you want to give a light to others, you have to glow yourself.”—President Thomas S. Monson

Thursday, November 19, 2015


Today was a day filled with B rated things. I'd give my outfit for today a B. I'd give my attitude towards the day a B. I'd say my attention to detail at work and how much I got done was definitely a B. However halfway through the day I decided to make my attitude an A. I changed my clothes and felt like an A+. I went out of my way to make a new friend, was productive, and practiced my Chinese for the first time in a long time. 

My friend and I went to institute and after institute we watched “Step Up 2 – The Streets.” I bought this movie like 6 years ago when a movie store was going out of business. I’ve had friends that liked this movie, but I’ve never really liked it. I’ve owned it for years, but have never watched it since I bought it. I remembered not liking it the first time I watched it, but I kept it just in case I ever felt like watching it. 

Well the day finally came. My friend wanted to watch it so we did. After it was over, I sent it home with her. I don’t plan on watching it again. In my mind the acting was awful and it was a B rated movie. 

I use this term all of the time, and most of my friends have no idea what I’m talking about. So, for those of you who have never heard this term Urban dictionary will spell it out for us:

“1. A movie made with a low or limited budget.
2. The phrase is more commonly misused to describe a movie of noticably poor quality.
3. It is rarely used to describe a movie with a low profit margin regardless of budget size, but I have heard it used this way occasionally.
1.      "For a b movie, it had some pretty sweet visual effects."
2.      2. "That might have been the worst movie I have ever seen. I wish the reviewer had mentioned it was a b movie"

Now you know! I found this song today that was clearly not a chart topper from Selena Gomez, but I instantly thought of one of my best friends and sent it to her. It might just become one of my new favorite songs. I like things that fly under the radar; Things that are done by popular singers, but no has heard of the song. I like another song like that from Hilary Duff that makes me smile every time. I’ll post them both right here. 

At the end of the day I wanted to write something. It was written today. I don’t often share things that I’ve recently written. Mostly because they’re too fresh, and I haven’t decided how I feel about them, so I don’t care for others opinions on them. However, I’d say this is a B-rated poem, so it just happens to fit in with this blog post today.

Be Rated

Spend an evening
Spend a day
Sit with me
Walk my way

Who are you
Here to impress
Call it swagger
Call it dress

Play the field or
Play your cards
Be yourself
It’s not that hard

Be unique or
Be the same
Either way
You’re in the game

Feel the music
Feel some soul
Go let loose
Or take control

Walk your path
Be set free
You are who you is
So be who you be

Elysha 11-18-15

Sunday, November 15, 2015

In My Mind

A few weeks ago my roommate and I walked around taking pictures of all the fall colors and leaves. We decided to take some classic "throwing leaves into the air" pictures. However, the wind picked up as soon as I threw them. This picture was an epic fail, but every time I see it I can't help but laugh because of how funny it is, and how sometimes people are blissfully happy even though everything around them is going wrong. (That's probably because most of the time they don't notice until someone else points out that fact out to them.)

On a completely different note-  I'd say that this is one of the best things that I’ve written, and it just resurfaced, so enjoy!

In My Mind

Every story needs a start
And every person needs a heart
These are essential for one to survive

I thought I saw a chance with you
I saw a second glance from you
I took a leap that turned into a dive

I’ve heard curiosity kills the cat
But I was coming up to bat
And fight or flight seemed like the only solution

I don’t know much about most sports
And flying won’t hold up in courts
To stand my ground became my resolution

I found a brand new life in us
I found there was no strife with us
I started to learn how to relax

I started singing lyrics loud
I started cheering with the crowd
I found I did not need all of the facts

I was in a different place than you
I was in a different space than you
When suddenly the world came crashing down

I found that all my walls came up
I didn’t want to fall came up
It was in my mind so you didn’t hear a sound

I found that I was on new turf
A whole new world, a whole new earth
And suddenly I didn’t feel so stable

I felt I needed to save face
This was a game, not quite a race
And what I needed was a friend not label

I decided to walk off the track
I headed home, not looking back
I’d told you all my thoughts before this started

I don’t think that this was new
You had some reservations too
You moved on, you weren’t that brokenhearted

Every story has an ending
Every heart may need some mending
Everyone goes through a little strife

In the end I guess I’ve learned
If there’s no fire, you can’t get burned
Each gamble is a little thing called life

Elysha 12-21-12

                                                            Have a great week!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

I.D.L.E. Is No Way To Be!

I was driving in my car today when I came to a stop light. It was dark outside and there was nothing to do but wait. I thought to myself, “I’m just sitting here idling.” Then I thought to myself, “Is the car idling or am I idling.” Then the light bulb came on for me. 

I’m sure someone has made this connection before in some EFY talk or something, but it finally made sense in my brain! When we are idle we’re not doing anything or going anywhere. This is especially true when driving a manual or stick-shift car. In order to be idling in a manual, you have to have your car in neutral (not in gear) and have your foot on the brake pedal. If your foot is on the brake pedal or your emergency brake is on, your car will not move

There is no way to go anywhere in your car if you are in neutral. If the light turns green and you try to put your foot on the gas pedal, your car will rev, but it will not move until your car is in gear. Sometimes people try to go too quickly and they “kill” their car. Then they have to restart their car and try again. 

This is especially true when first learning how to drive a stick-shift. People continually “kill” their car over and over again because they aren’t sure how much gas to use, and when to take their foot off of the clutch. 

This is also true with trying new things. Sometimes we feel like we are stuck in life. We’re trying hard to do good things, but we just don’t seem to be going anywhere. We’re probably in neutral and idling our days away. When we decide to try something new, and get ourselves in gear, most of the time it’s not a smooth transition, and we feel like we mess up over and over again. 

However, with a little bit of patience and determination we can learn to move forward and before we know it, we forget all the frustration we had with our awkward jolty start. In fact we can’t be stopped, unless we chose to stop and be idle. However, once you know how to drive, being idle isn’t such a bad thing. It’s nice occasionally to “stop and take stock, while you’re [sitting] there stuck ” in the middle of the road.  

I found a talk about using time wisely from the October 2011 LDS General Conference. Elder Ian S. Arden gives a great talk. If you have 11 minutes to sit and listen to something, this would be worth your time. Here is my favorite part of his talk:

“The poor use of time is a close cousin of idleness. As we follow the command to “cease to be idle” (D&C 88:124), we must be sure that being busy also equates to being productive. For example, it is wonderful to have the means of instant communication quite literally at our fingertips, but let us be sure that we do not become compulsive fingertip communicators. I sense that some are trapped in a new time-consuming addiction—one that enslaves us to be constantly checking and sending social messages and thus giving the false impression of being busy and productive.

There is much that is good with our easy access to communication and information. I have found it helpful to access research articles, conference talks, and ancestral records, and to receive e-mails, Facebook reminders, tweets, and texts. As good as these things are, we cannot allow them to push to one side those things of greatest importance. How sad it would be if the phone and computer, with all their sophistication, drowned out the simplicity of sincere prayer to a loving Father in Heaven. Let us be as quick to kneel as we are to text.

Electronic games and cyber acquaintances are no lasting substitute for real friends who can give an encouraging hug, who can pray for us and seek after our best interest.”

Here is the video for anyone who may want to watch it. (Side note: He has a New Zealand accent which makes this video even more worth watching.)

Also, I wrote this little poem to go with this idea. 

If I don’t know what to choose
Do I win or do I lose
Leave me alone and let me be
Each day I’m I.D.L.E.


If you also add an A
Do some rearranging
Educate yourself real well
And do some concentrating
Live your life and have a goal so life’s worth celebrating! 

This last video gives me shivers every time I listen to it! Once you figure out how to get in gear and go it's time to "Move On." This song is from a play called "Sunday in the Park with George.

Also, once you chose your path, sometimes you've just "Gotta Go [Your] Own Way." This is my sister and I driving home a few months ago.