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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Forever 21 - Blessings in Disguise

The cardigan in this picture is from Forever 21

I was trying to decide what to write about today, but the only thing that would come to mind was Forever 21 sweaters. I found that odd because I just wrote a post about my love for Cardigans. I’d have to say my most frequently worn sweaters/ cardigans are probably from Forever 21. I don’t usually shop at Forever 21 because I think their full price items are too expensive for me. However, if they’re having a sale, I’ll buy a lot of their clothes, or I buy them at 2nd hand stores written about in this blog

I decided that writing about sweaters doesn’t do any good for the world, and it’s just a girly thing to write about. As I was leaving my room, I noticed my coat hanging on my door. My coat! I really like my coat. It’s also from Forever 21; however I got it earlier this year for $10 at Deseret Industries. Someone cleaned out their closet and got rid of like 5 brand new looking coats from there. I’d wanted a new coat. It was long, just the way I like coats! 

I asked myself, “Do I need this? I have one just like it.” It was newer and longer, and I decided that if I upgraded to this coat, I could get rid of my other coat. After I bought my coat I decided to walk around the mall. I stopped by a shoe store, and ended up buying a new pair of shoes as well.
As I was checking out, the girl who rang up my stuff said she thought my coat was cute, and wanted to know where I got it.(not the coat pictured here, but a shorter similar looking coat.) I told her I’d gotten it from the DI. Then I thought I should offer my coat to her, because I just got a new one, and didn’t wear this one any more. She politely declined. Then I told her I was just going to throw it away or take it to the DI, so she’d be doing me a favor. She said she actually did want it, but that it was against policy to take things from people while at work. So I told her I could put it in a bag and leave it right outside the store or something like that. Finally she just decided to take it. I paid for my shoes and walked outside. It felt so good! Usually I’m on the receiving end of things. It’s nice to pay it forward and give. I literally gave her the clothes off my back. It was a great feeling. God knew what my needs/wants were. He found a way to give me a new coat and a way for me to help a total stranger. 

On New Year’s this past January, I thought to myself, “I could use some new cute sweaters or long sleeve shirts.” I went to the mall and Forever 21 was having an awesome sale. I got 6 way cute sweaters for around $30. That’s about how much just one is usually. I saw that also as a little sign from God. He is our Father in Heaven and He wants to bless us. 

The cardigan in this picture is from Forever 21

This is something my mom has always taught me, but it’s taken years to stick. She always taught me to tell God about my wants and my needs. She said, “As a mother I see your needs and I fill them. I don’t always know what you want, but if you tell me you’d like something, and I have it within my power to get it for you, I want to bring you joy by giving you the things you need and the things you want.” 

Now, I didn’t kneel down and pray to God for new clothes, however in my comings and goings, I’d think to myself, “I’d like a newer coat” or “It’s really cold outside, and I don’t have any big sweaters to keep my warm that I like. If I could find some cute warm sweaters for a decent price, I’d happily buy them.” He helped me help myself. 

A few last thoughts about Forever 21: 

1.      I don’t like most of their clothes. They’ve got some great stuff, but most of their clothes aren’t my style. If they are my style, I figure I can find them somewhere else cheaper. 

2.      They do have some fantastic jewelry. I’ve gotten some really great jewelry from their clearance piles. My favorite pair of earrings was found at Forever 21. Also, they have some really cool vests. I own two that I wear and like. 

3.      I wear their tank tops every day! I usually stick to black and white, but I wear one every single day. I’ve gotten some of my sisters to as well. They’re long, durable, comfortable, high enough in the front, and a decent price. I can’t say enough good things about them. I bought my first one a few years ago, and never looked back. They have good prices for tank tops, but my favorite ones are the ones that are $3.90. The cheaper ones are exactly that, short and cheap, and a lot of those ones also have V-necks. 

4.      A fun fact about the pretty yellow bags that you walk out of the store with is that they have a scripture on the bottom. I found an interesting article about that, that I’ll share on here, but it’s just a fun little quirky thing about their store. John 3:16

I'm adding this video of the opening scene from Confessions of a Shopaholic. I'm guessing most of you have never seen it, but it's hilarious and makes me smile. Happy shopping!

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  1. Loved it! You know that feeling...... ha ha You little cardigan wearing writer you!!!