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Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Company: People who invade your house, your life, your time; while making you laugh, and think, and cry. Who do we keep as our company? I had someone mention to me once that “If you really want to know a person, notice where they spend their time, and with whom they spend it.” It was an interesting thought. 

I’ve heard of the musical Company. I always thought it was like A Chorus Line or Carousel. I was 100% wrong. Besides all of those starting with the letter C, they don’t have anything else in common.  They’re made in similar eras, but so completely different. I remember watching company a few years ago right after I had my surgery, and I remember I was surprised by how many of the songs I recognized. 

Stephen Sondheim out did himself with the lyrics in this show. I really appreciate the truth behind his lyrics. I love lyrics, and he knows how to perfectly bring them together. (If you’re not aware, he also wrote the lyrics and music for “Into the Woods.”)I think I’d enjoy being one of the “ladies who lunch” if it was an afternoon interviewing him. I’ve never really felt that way towards a writer before. I see and hear what he can do, and I’d love to be able to do that with what I write.
This time I was just amazed by the whole show. I watched it on YouTube in 10 minute increments. It made it easy to get things done and then get back to it. It’s on Netflix, but I already knew I liked the version/actors I was watching. I watched the revival with Raul Esparza.

They were so phenomenal! Every person on the stage had an instrument and they played, acted, and sang the entire show. I got a little tired just watching them. A few weeks ago I added Company to my Pandora as a station, and I’ve never regretted it. 

The show follows a single 35 year old man named Robert. As you can guess, He is always visiting his married friends. He’s their company. The play shows all of his friends and their different relationships be they married, single, divorced, parents, engaged. I could relate to the main character and all of the different relationships either because I’ve been there, or I know someone who has been there. It really was fascinating. 

Mostly I’m impressed with the breath control of some of these singers! I find myself on numerous occasions entirely all together stop breathing while listening to some songs. This is especially true for “Not Getting Married Today.” Pure talent! That’s all that is. I can sing the first line of the song in one breath, however usually my words get all mixed up. 

I secretly am in love with the song “Marry Me A Little.” I don’t know if anyone really feels that way, but I certainly have. In fact I did this summer. That may or may not have been the soundtrack of my summer. It’s interesting to see how the main character changes almost unnoticeably through this entire play, however I feel like that’s how people change as well. It’s the little things. 

There is a lot of pretending, joking, and underlying fear in the show. The end scene is one of my favorites. Bobby decides to take a look inside himself and he steps into the light. The whole stage is dark, and he steps into a single circle of light. He transforms right in front of you. I think we’ve all gone through that process before. I love that that is how the show ends. He doesn’t meet his true love. He doesn’t get married. Maybe he does at some point, but he ends with the door open and a little more knowledge and power than he has before.  

If you’re single and you’ve never taken the time to watch this musical, I think it’s worth your while. At least try listening to the music. There are some powerful messages in there. On a side note I also love the song “Another Hundred People.” It’s true. People always meet people at parties that they showed up to, even though they don’t actually know anyone there. I’ve been one of those people.

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