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Elysha's World

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Rolling Thunder

I was looking through some old note books today and found something I wrote five years ago. I used to write a lot more, and looking through them I'm finding I was a lot more boy crazy than I thought! I have no recollection of writing this piece, but it seems like just the right thing on a rainy day like today.

Out and about
And off on my way
It's nice to come home
At the end of the day

One day left to wonder
One day left to find
A life full of love
And a sound peace of mind

Looking and searching
for something new
Looking to start
And begin to go through

Once I search
I'm sure I'll see
A new and different
Side of me

Some greener grass
A patch of sun
To make the
Rolling thunder run

A brand new path
A bit of light
To help us win
Throughout the fight.

Elysha 11-13-10

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