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Sunday, July 12, 2015

7/11 Free Slurpee Day!

 7-11 is one of my favorite days of the year. It's basically a holiday! In Taiwan I would spend a lot of time in the local 7-11's. I ate dinner there more than I'd like to admit. When it's hot outside, sometimes you just have to eat a Slurpee! I didn't find out about free 7-11 Slurpee day until 2 years ago! That's years and years of missed opportunities! Here are some pictures that show my deep love for Slurpee's.

Also, I found this little gem today while flipping through some notebooks. I often want to post things I've recently written, but I feel like they're really personal, and people might be able to read between the lines at the deeper meaning. So for now. Sit back and enjoy!

 I think it’s funny
How words rhyme
They’re usually similar
At the same time

A daughter from her father
Gets her self-esteem
A daughter from her mother
Gets what body image means

A brother from his father
Learns how to be a dad
Not some fad, sometimes mad
If the teaching is quite sad

If your sister meets a mister
It’s not a problem til he kissed her
I don’t know how she’ll take it,
But we all get the gist sir

Now before my mind goes blank
I feel that I must be frank
If you’re just here to fill your tank
You’re shot, your battle ship has sank. 

Now of course there is no reason
For you to sit outside freezin
It all depends upon the season
For this hormone rush

I’ll admit I get distracted
When at times I am attracted
I make sure I no way acted
Out, then find myself retracted

Sometimes I am a real show stopper
The Queen of Hearts, a billboard topper
I’m a little silver, gold, and copper
But most days I just act proper

English has some weird dynamics
The rules break easy like ceramics
Sometimes we all just feel like bandits
Cheating on a test

It’s time to put this poem to rest
I’ve become a bit obsessed
If I don’t stop I’ll become stressed
This has been quite the rhyming fest. 

Elysha 3/31/14


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  1. I hope that rhyming fest was all in jest! ha ha ha, loved that you shared some of your work. We don't see it enough! Share on Princess!