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Monday, July 27, 2015

Need A Laugh? Stop Taking Yourself So Seriously

Do you know what I’ve discovered? Let me tell you:

They’re the pits!
They leave me at the end of my wits.
On my nerves they get.
While all alone I sit.

One day they’ll be gone
And I’ll sing a new song
That day I’ll be free
I’ll have confidence in me!

So basically I’ve discovered that most of the time I take myself and others way too seriously. If I have a bad hair day or something, I think my whole life is ruined, and that no one will want to be my friend ever again. False! 

What are we going to do about that? Probably nothing. However, I find on days that I’m feeling a little down, sometimes I need a little pick me up. One great way to do that is to download the Pandora app. If you already have that then add the Brian Regan Radio Station. It’s full of stand up comedy and it is hilarious! I tried telling my mom one of the jokes with my sister once, and we ended up crying because we thought it was so funny. 

Also, recently I found that the #primedayfail Tweets on Twitter are hilarious, and once again I found myself crying because I was laughing so hard.Prime Day Fail Tweets Read some jokes. Better, tell some jokes.

This last video makes me laugh every time. He's so witty. However after the 4:00 minute mark it swears a few times, and could potentially offend someone. Watch at your own risk. 

Stop taking yourself so seriously. We’re human.  

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Somebody Else's Elysha

A few months ago I was driving with my friend to institute when she said something that caught me totally off guard. We were sitting at a stoplight and she was telling me this story about her and her friend. She said that for one day, she felt like she was me. Everywhere she went with her friend, she kept running into people she knew. (This happens to me all the time, everywhere I go. Taiwan, D.C., it doesn’t seem to matter.) She turned to me at the end of her story and said, “I was somebody else’s Elysha!” 

I wasn’t sure how to take it, but I chose to take it as a compliment. I’d never been referred to as anything like that, and I didn’t know that someone actually kind of wanted to be me in a strange way. 

I guess I’ve done that with friends before. When I move to a new place I’ll find a new friend, that reminds me of my old friend and say you can be my J.D. or you can be my new Sara. We use our old friend’s names to frame in our minds who this new friend is going to be to us.
I guess in a way she was telling me that she not only ran into a lot of people she knew, but also that she was the kind of friend to someone else, that I am to her. We are pretty good friend, so I’m hoping that’s a good thing. 

It made me realize once again that people are always watching us. They see how we treat people, what we talk about, how we dress. Think of the last time you were introduced to a new group of people at church, work, or friends. Within seconds of meeting them you had formed opinions about every single person. I had a drama teacher tell me once that you have 6 seconds from when you walk into a room, to impress a talent scout or a boss in an interview. By that time they’ve already made an opinion of you. That teacher had us practice over and over again walking into the room with a confident stride. Some people took more time than others. We had to be professional, but everyone has a different look/walk/attitude/thing they want people to notice about them. It was an interesting exercise. 

This whole experience just made me want to be a little bit better. If someone is going to be copying my actions, then I better make sure I’m leaving a good lasting impression on everyone I meet. 

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Can You Be My Nightingale?

"A poet is a nightingale who sits in darkness and sings to cheer its own solitude with sweet sounds; his auditors are as men entranced by the melody of an unseen musician, who feel that they are moved and softened, yet know not whence or why.” –Percy Shelley

Who is Florence Nightingale? If you would have asked me like…two days ago, I wouldn’t have been able to tell you. However, I watched this great movie about her last night, and I was very moved by it. She held fast to what she believed in. She said she felt a calling from God when she was 17, and wasn’t sure what that calling was, but she felt like she should use her talents and callings for good. She gave up a lot, and risked her life to help heal people. She found out what she was good at, and worked for that. She was afraid at first, and then she did the best she could to comfort the wounded and tried to help them get better. 

There were a few really touching scenes in the movie where she did everything she could to comfort those in pain. I thought a lot about her while at church today. I also thought of a Demi Lovato song with the name of “Nightingale.” She’s talking about the bird/a person, but I thought it was ironic that there is a bird that sings called the Nightingale, and that Florence freely gave of herself and gave comfort, which is also called Nightingale. I thought it was appropriate. At the hospital, and especially during the war, she would walk around at night and check on the wounded. People started calling her the “Lady with the Lamp.” 

Especially because it seems like people need the most comfort at night. It’s dark outside and sometimes it seems like the sun will never rise. I feel like life is like this sometimes, especially when it comes to choosing a major, which job to take, or other big decisions like that. I read a really amazing BYU Devotional recently that gave me some great insight. I sent it to quite a few friends, and got a great response from all of them. We’re all kind of in this transient time of life. Here is a link to that talk: What Is Your Calling in Life?

I think that sometimes we are the “Lady with the Lamp.” Other times we need some light shed in our own lives. I was lucky when it came to choosing a major. God definitely directed my path. I originally was an English major, however I didn’t really want to be a teacher, and knew that majoring in English didn’t lead to a lot of high paying jobs. When I transferred to a university I had to declare my major. I had enjoyed my Communications classes when I was at the junior college, and I only didn’t major in that because I didn’t want to take a Multi Media class. 

I had been thinking a lot about it, but I never felt like I got an answer.  I prayed about it, thought about it, asked people what they thought, but I never felt like I got my answer. I decided I'd just stick with English, even though I didn't really want to major in that.

On the day that I went to sign up for my major, I tripped and found myself looking at a manhole cover that said, “Communications.” I looked up and I was right in front of the Humanities building. I had been debating whether or not I should be a Communications major or not, and I took this as my answer. I stood up and walked right into that
building and that's how I decided which major I should go into.  

Monday, July 13, 2015

Why Is It...

“Why is it some mornings
Your clothes just don’t fit?
Your pants are too short
To bent over or sit,
Your sleeves are too long
And your hat is too tight– –
Why is it some mornings
Your clothes don’t feel right?”
-Shel Silverstein

This is how I felt today. I had a great idea for an outfit before I went to bed last night, and when I put it on this morning it just didn’t fit right! My skirt was too short, my shirt was too tight, my hair wouldn’t cooperate, I forgot to put on a bracelet, and I wore a pair of brown shoes that I never wear, and they were hard and awkward. (Talk about #firstworldproblems) 

I mentioned this to my co-worker, and she said I looked just fine. After about an hour I went and double checked my outfit in the bathroom, to try to make myself feel better. While there I decided something simply had to be done about my hair. I had one elastic, and decided if I braided my hair in a loose braid, I could go for the Elsa off of “Frozen” look. I failed miserably. I thought about throwing it into a ponytail, but my hair was down and frizzy and driving me crazy! 

Luckily at that moment the Lord sent an angel into the bathroom. A girl that I know that works in a different department came in. I’ve never actually run into her at work before, so it took me by surprise. She saw my plight, and was nice enough to braid my hair for me.

After that I was fine for the rest of the day. I still didn’t like my outfit, but I could deal with it for a few more hours, and then I could go home and change. It was just another reminder that the Lord is in the details. He has a lot of things to do, but he knew that his daughter was having a rough morning, and sent someone to my rescue. Some might call it coincidence. Call it what you will. I choose to look at it as a small miracle and answer to prayers. 

I decided to change my frame of mind and look at all the good that came out of my poor outfit choice. I now have a pair of shoes that I can get rid of, and have a reason to go buy a new pair of comfortable brown flats. I decided that I was wearing my skirt too high, and put it down on my hips so that it was a more normal length, and discovered that I don’t like to wear flare skirts and shirts at the same time. 

See, it’s all in how you choose to see things. 

I love this song from Calvin Burgess the musical. It’s a less known song, but it shows that we all have bad days, even though we sometimes think that we’re the only one. 

Sunday, July 12, 2015

7/11 Free Slurpee Day!

 7-11 is one of my favorite days of the year. It's basically a holiday! In Taiwan I would spend a lot of time in the local 7-11's. I ate dinner there more than I'd like to admit. When it's hot outside, sometimes you just have to eat a Slurpee! I didn't find out about free 7-11 Slurpee day until 2 years ago! That's years and years of missed opportunities! Here are some pictures that show my deep love for Slurpee's.

Also, I found this little gem today while flipping through some notebooks. I often want to post things I've recently written, but I feel like they're really personal, and people might be able to read between the lines at the deeper meaning. So for now. Sit back and enjoy!

 I think it’s funny
How words rhyme
They’re usually similar
At the same time

A daughter from her father
Gets her self-esteem
A daughter from her mother
Gets what body image means

A brother from his father
Learns how to be a dad
Not some fad, sometimes mad
If the teaching is quite sad

If your sister meets a mister
It’s not a problem til he kissed her
I don’t know how she’ll take it,
But we all get the gist sir

Now before my mind goes blank
I feel that I must be frank
If you’re just here to fill your tank
You’re shot, your battle ship has sank. 

Now of course there is no reason
For you to sit outside freezin
It all depends upon the season
For this hormone rush

I’ll admit I get distracted
When at times I am attracted
I make sure I no way acted
Out, then find myself retracted

Sometimes I am a real show stopper
The Queen of Hearts, a billboard topper
I’m a little silver, gold, and copper
But most days I just act proper

English has some weird dynamics
The rules break easy like ceramics
Sometimes we all just feel like bandits
Cheating on a test

It’s time to put this poem to rest
I’ve become a bit obsessed
If I don’t stop I’ll become stressed
This has been quite the rhyming fest. 

Elysha 3/31/14