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Elysha's World

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Some Sunday Musing

A window is a mirror
That has two faces
Where you stand
Depends where your place is

A reflection of person
A story passing by
A fleeting instant
Then a sudden goodbye

Life’s like that window
The sun shining bright
Heaven is a reflection
In your sight

With a closer look
Hands cupped to pane
Truth is revealed
You can see both ways

Most work
Is done inside
It goes unnoticed
As you walk by

The Man in charge
The Man Upstairs
Runs this business,
Hears your prayers

He looks out
At His campus
Seeing us all
As His canvas

We forget
About His charm
About His help
His reaching arm

We walk by
All others too
Don’t see His work
Don’t see His view

We just see
What we put in
An outfit check
A sheepish grin

But those within
They see you too
With the understanding
Of Heavens view

Elysha 5-31-15

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