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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Update: Blank Space

I’m kind of obsessed with the above song. I just came inside from rocking out to it in my car. My neighbor was probably wondering what I was doing…but I don’t care. Sometimes you just need to dance and sing at the top of your lungs alone in your car. 

Christmas and New Year’s was fun. It was really chill and laid back this year, and I personally really enjoyed it. I took way too many naps, ate way too much food, and just laughed and spent a lot of time with those that I love. 

Work is going great! I never thought I’d actually end up working in Human Resources, but here I am, and I’m loving it. It’s probably because I’m a little nosy and just like to know a little bit of everything that is going on. I feel a little like a detective cop with the job I’m doing right now, but policies are policies and I don’t write the rules, I just help other people enforce them.

Now for some fun facts about me:

I enjoy a TV dinner every once in a while. I think it might be because of a tradition that my cousins and I started, but nonetheless I still enjoy them.

I’m still in love with Thai food.

I don’t like sticky candy. By that I mean I don’t like candy coated in dye. I’m not a big Skittles, Runts, Sour Patch Kids, Sweedish Fish, or Sweet Tarts fan. Don’t like them at all. I’m not even tempted to put them into my mouth.

On the other hand, I really do enjoy chocolate. Surprise! 

Tillamock and Ben and Jerry’s are my favorite ice creams.

I really like pearls. They’re classy.

I like sending my best friends crazy correct stickers that I find online. 

I have a slight obsession with coats.

So far I’ve written a poem every day this year.

I like to do things in a certain way. I like to take my time.

I have a new found love of candles.

I’ve recently become confused when it comes to S and ‘S.

I love speech and debate.

I have probably too much jewelry.

My roommate got me the best Christmas present ever…AUSTENLAND! 

I wear a skirt to work every day.

I love Asian things.

I love reading/listening/watching CES devotionals and BYU devotionals.

I sometimes watch VHS movies in my room.

Also, I have over 10 pairs of boots.

My closet is half full of skirts and half full of cardigans.

I recently started watching the TV show SMASH. It’s a hit.

In other news we’ve started this new game at work called the Disney Princess Challenge. It started off with just one other girl and I, and has caught on in our office fairly quickly. We assign each other a Disney princess to dress up as, or a Disney person, and then we dress in accordance with the color code of that person and see what we come up with. It’s actually kind of fun. 

Yesterday we did a Peter Pan Themed day and we had Tinkerbell, Wendy, and I was Tiger Lilly. We had to be creative. There are some rules to this game. It has to be something that a missionary could wear while out in the mission field, and you can't have too many accessories. My earrings might have been a little too much, but they just tied the outfit together so perfectly!

 So here is a little sneak peak into something that I've recently written. Take it whatever way you want. I've been messing around with some new styles and patterns, but I always go back to my favorite style and rhythm.

Old friend
New friend
Same road
Some bend

Rounded corners
Bruises, bumps
Friendly faces
And some grumps

Dirt Roads
Friend Zone
Life sucks

Road less traveled
Busy streets
Cars jammed packed
And food to eat

Busy city
Quiet country
Seems our friendship’s
Kind of funky.
1/6/15 Elysha

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