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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Confessions of a Shopaholic: Rue 21!

This necklace $3 at Rue 21

Today was a really great day. My roommate and I went and ate some delicious Thai food for lunch and then we went to the mall. While there we stopped at Rue 21. I really love Rue 21! I found out about Rue 21 when I was about 15. I’m from a small town, and so I only knew about stores like Kmart, Payless, and Old Navy. Those are great stores, but I’ve had a slight obsession with Rue 21 for the last few years. 

I got this shirt and belt for $1 at Rue 21
I got the shirt for $3, the necklace for $2 at Rue 21
I love the layout of the Rue 21 stores, the music they play, and the people who work there. I love their prices, their fabrics, their sizes, and their shoes. I guess you could say the store and I have gotten pretty serious. 

It’s hard not to walk out of that store with a big bag of clothing. I don’t know if I’ve ever bought anything there at full price. They usually have great sales and I always find something I like!

This shirt was $3 and the skirt was $7 at Rue 21
 I’ve thought about owning a Rue 21 franchise many times because I know they have quality items that sell and last. I’ve bought clothes there for family many times, and they always love anything I get them from there. I have at least 6 skirts from there and 3 dresses. 

Also they have some great perfumes and fragrences there. I've never bought any, but my roommate uses it and loves it! I am planning on getting some soon, but I should probably use all my other body sprays first. I usually go to Victoria's Secret for those, but Rue 21 has some great new smells. 

I left the mall with 7 new shirts, a dress/long shirt, and two skirts for less than $40. Everything in the photo below I got for $2 each. 

$2 each
 I also got this SUPER cute shirt today. It's probably one of the most expensive things I've bought at that store. I just couldn't pass it up! It's a little Asian and I like it!
While looking at everything I bought today I was realizing that probably half of my closet is full of clothes from Rue 21. Half of them still have tags on them because I usually buy clothes on the off season of when they're on sale. I buy my winter clothes in the summer, and I buy my spring clothes in the fall. There are always sales, Sales, SALES!  Here are a few pictures of clothes from my closet. (This isn't even all of them I'm sure.)
Scarves! $1 each at Rue 21 :)

$2 for the shirts. $5 for the shoes.
$5 each
 At Rue 21 they have way cute jewelry! I used to not be a big jewelery person because my arms and neck are so small. I always feel like things just drape off of me. At least that's how I felt until I found this store. I love their bracelets!!! They fit on my arms and don't fall off. I get complements on my jewelry all of the time, and I tell everyone that I pay no more than about $3 for each item. The bracelets usually come in a bundle so it's $3 for 3 items. It's glitzy and looks cute. It doesn't look fake or like it's for little girls. (This isn't even close to all of my jewelry from RUE 21.)

$2-$3 each

I bought two coats at Rue 21 this year. I bought them in February or March when they were cleaning out their coats. The blue and black on on the left was originally $40. I got it for $8 at the end of the season and it was just my size! I went back the next day and got the Yellow and Grey coat. The buttons on that one were falling off so I bought this $60 coat and just tightened the buttons on it. it was also a whopping $8.
$8 each
Rue 21 has some adorable skirts! I only recently have noticed them. If you get them on sale then they're usually around $10 each. I paid that for two of the skirts in this photo. I wear some of these skirts like twice a week.the patterned ones are a little thin/ see through so I do have to wear a slip with them.
I really like their sweaters, they're great for fall weather. These particular red and pink sweaters area a little thin and do shed a little bit, but they were too cute to pass up! Once you wash them they're not really problem, and I've never had any of the clothes from Rue 21 bleed when I wash them. The shirts in the below photo were $2 each.
Sweaters $5 each

$3 dress from Rue 21
$5 dress
Jeans! I was skeptical at first, but I was really surprised by how comfortable and durable they are. I wear mine all the time and haven't had any problems with them. They also haven't had any problems with them when I wash them.
$7 each
 I bought these cute sweatshirts for my family for Easter/Graduation this year. They were $2 each and I got five of them. We like our super hero's! Marvel! 
The black and white sweater as well as this purple sweater are probably my two favorite purchases I've ever made from this store. I wore them ALL the time in the winter. They were warm and long. I finally wore them out after about 3 years and a mission to Taiwan. I've never found anything quite like them. I bought them about 4 years ago. I wish I would have bought a lot more of them!
$5 shirt

$5 shirt

So here are a few of my confessions as a shopaholic. :)

My receipt from today!
I got my dress in this photo at Rue 21 for $3

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