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Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Yesterday I had a really cool experience at Home Evening with my ward.  A guy got up and gave a short lesson, and while I don’t really remember what he talked about, he brought the spirit, and then I got personal revelation, which really had nothing to do with what he was talking about. We went around the circle and took turns reading from the Bible (John 5: 2-12).

 Then the guy giving the spiritual though showed us a video of some scriptures we’d just read, about the man who sat by some water. Every once in a while, the water would change, and the first person in the pool would be healed, but this particular man couldn’t get into ithe water fast enough to be healed. Jesus walks up to a man, who can't walk, and tells the man to “Rise.” So I started to think, “If I was lame, would I have the faith to rise and walk, without the knowledge of the gospel and who Jesus Christ is?  If some random guy came up to me, and told me that the last 38 years of my life  of pain and suffering are over, that he can miraculously heal me, and all I have to do is believe and stand up, would I believe him? Would I have that faith? Isn’t this what the Lord asks of us? To rise? To have faith to stand with our lives in his hands, and to have faith to keep moving forward?” It really made me stop and think, and reevaluate how I'm living my life. Do I have the faith to stand, and follow what the Lord has told me to do? I hope I do, and even if I don't have all of that faith right now, I have know that the Lord can and will help me with the rest.

All of this, because the people who made the Bible video's or the man who played the character of Jesus, decided to pause when he said the word "Rise." 

Praying is a common thing,
I do it every day,
I do it as I fall asleep,
And travel on my way.

I tell the Lord my deepest thoughts,
And all of my apprehensions,
I tell him all about my day,
And there’s other things I mention.

I feel I’m at a turning point,
At the start of so many roads,
I’m trying hard to find my prince,
But I keep on kissing toads.

One road might give me untold wealth,
But leave me forever alone,
One may give me pride and joy,
Until I’m old and grown.

One may give me fun and laughter,
But I’ll end up with no money,
One may move me way down south,
Where the weather is always sunny.

So as I kneel down to pray tonight,
And think about the path ahead,
I’ll pray to find the faith and trust,
To follow where I’m led.

10/29/2013 Elysha

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