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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Ere You Left Your Room This Morning, Did You Think To Plug In?

I had an interesting experience this week. I went camping with my family and had a great time catching up with everyone. When I got home I unpacked and went and hung out with my friends. When I got home I plugged in my phone and iPod touch and went to bed. The next day at work, I realized that my iPod touch had a low battery. I figured it was because it was searching for internet or something, but I figured I’d just plug it in as soon as I got home, and that would be okay because I didn’t really need it right now any way. 

When I got home I plugged it in for a little while, and then I ran off to hang out with my friends. Again I noticed it was a little low on battery, but I figured that’s because maybe there was something wrong with my charger. On the third day of my iPod touch being low battery, it finally died. I couldn’t figure out what happened. I came home and plugged it in, and watched it to make sure it started charging. It didn’t. So I moved the charger around, and still no results. I was a little upset, and was trying to figure out how I’d be able to get another charger. I leaned down to check the outlet. I didn’t think there was a problem with it, because my alarm clock was plugged into it, and I knew for a fact, that that worked. When I went to check the plug it wasn't placed in correctly, it was loose. So I tried pushing it in further, and then it fell out. I realized that I had only plugged my charger into one side of the two pronged outlet. 

I thought that this made a great gospel analogy. I mean I’ve heard all of the lessons in young women’s, and read all the New Era magazine articles about making sure we’re “plugged in.” I guess I never thought about those who thought that they were plugged in, and then at the end of the day they realize they’re running on empty. So they recharge and go out the next day, to find they have less power than they originally thought that they had. They don’t even know where the problem is. I’ve gone through that. I halfheartedly read my scriptures, say a prayer as I’m lying in bed falling asleep, or dismiss a generous thought. I think I’m doing okay, but then a few days, a week, or a month go by, and I realize that I’m moody, don’t feel like serving others, want to be alone, and I have no desire to pray or go to the temple. 

God stays the same. That’s something I realized recently. I’ve always known it, but recently I’ve realized how close or distant we are to each other is up to me. In order to get spiritually fed, we have to make sure we’re using the right outlet. He’s a little bit more kind and giving than an actual outlet with electricity. He still loves and blesses us, even if we’re not charging correctly. Sometimes it’s just harder to feel, and we have to work twice as hard to get in touch.

I didn’t pay attention to my iPod when I plugged it in. I just assumed it would recharge and be ready to go the next day. I wasn’t worried about it, and I didn’t check it to make sure it was getting energy. Is that how it is with our spirituality? Sometimes we pray if we need something, but otherwise we don’t worry too much about connecting with deity, because we assume we’ll get the same blessings and love from our Heavenly Father? We have to constantly be watching and evaluating ourselves. Change how we connect, get a new charger, find new friends, take time to kneel down and pray. 

I’d say that the Glade Commercials say it best, “Plug it in, plug it in.”

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