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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Job Interviews and First dates

I’ve decided that job interviews are like first dates. 

They make you excited and nervous. Sometimes you’ve done your research on the company you’re applying for, but sometimes it’s spontaneous, and you see they have an opening, and you think you’re qualified to fill it. Why not apply for it? What’s the worst they can say? No?
It’s the same concept with dating. Sometimes you’ve known the person for a long time, you know all about how they operate, and yet you take a risk anyway. Other times, you meet someone while waiting for your car to be fixed, at a dance, or at a party, and decide to ask them out. 

Once they call you for an interview, or you call someone to go out on a date, you’re in! Then the planning begins! For a job, you start thinking about all of the questions they could ask you, all of
your past jobs, and past experiences. Why you’d like to work there, your qualifications, your education, and you pray your references will give you a glowing review!

For a date, it’s a pretty similar story. You start thinking about where you are in life. If you’re a student, you think about how much longer you’ll be in school/ the area you’re going to school in. You think about where they’re from, and where they’re going. You think about your job, where you went to school, how many people are in your family, and what your favorite color is. You start thinking of small talk and subjects that are safe to bring up. 

The day finally arrives!

For the job interview, you dress up. Especially for girls, you color coordinate what you’re wearing depending on where you’re going to interview. If you’re applying at a university, you may want to wear a cardigan that is the same as their school colors. When it comes to your hair, you could go for the slicked back, all put together high pony-tail or bun look, or you could go more relaxed and care free with a hair down or curled look. (It’s kind of a stressful situation. This is why it takes us so long to get ready if we haven’t thought it all out before hand). 
For a date, it’s pretty much the same mentality, except you have to think about the activity. If you’re going hiking, then you should probably wear sturdy shoes and put your hair up. If you’re going to dinner, then it really doesn’t matter what you wear or how you do your hair. 

You go in to the interview, or you meet your date at the designated place. You greet each other warmly with a handshake and make yourself comfortable.

Then the question begins! For a job interview, sometimes you take too long to respond, you share embarrassing information about yourself, or you realize you don’t have the right experience. Let me share an example from my own life. 

About a year ago, I was living at home, and I decided that I needed to move to the city to be where more people my own age were. So I started applying for jobs all over the place. I didn’t really have any experience, a BS degree, yes, but experience, not a whole lot. The calls started coming in for job interviews, so about once a week, I’d drive two hours to the city I wanted to live in, and I’d plan all of my interviews on that day. I didn’t really care what job I got. I figured it was a step to getting me up here. I interviewed at least 4 different times.

 My most memorable interview happened when I applied to work at a clothing store. I’ve never worked retail, but I figured I’m a personable person, and how hard can running a cash register really be. Besides that I liked the clothes there, and the music they played. I could do this! When I went to apply they handed me a 5 page survey about my experience, and told me to fill it out. They had questions on there like, “Name 6 different types of brand name jeans” “Who was Plato” and “What are the different kinds of jean styles.” I felt pretty confident about those. Then they had a question that said, “What do they sell at Pac Sun?” I hadn’t been to the mall in about 3 years, so I had no idea on that one. After about 10 minutes, I got called back to the interview room.  

The interview started and I was doing a pretty good job. I was feeling confident, I’d picked the right outfit, I looked like I belonged there. Then came the magic question. “Tell me three things about yourself.” It was too easy. Before I knew it my mouth opened and this is what my brain told my mouth to say, “I hate animals.” The woman looked a little shocked and said, “Why do you hate animals.” Then I tried REALLY hard to back track and fix it, but there was no use. I came up with two other really awesome answers to finish the question, but I knew they wouldn’t be calling me back, and they didn’t. 
At least at the end of an interview, you can walk away, and probably never hear or see anyone that was in the room with you again. 

First dates are a little trickier. Sometimes they’re great! You talk all night long, you have a lot in common, and you make a plan to go out again at the end of the date. However, sometimes there are awkward pauses, embarrassing questions, and you wish you could just go home.

At the end of the interview you give your possible new employer a hand shake, and then you leave, and wait to hear if you get the job or not. At the end of a date, you give your date a handshake, or a hug, and then you wait to hear back from them, or you conveniently lose their number.

Any way you look at it, dating and interviews go hand in hand. 

This video says it all! This is what's really going on inside all of our heads on a first date! 

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