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Elysha's World

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Am I Right? Do I Write?

This whole blog thing is kind of a hit or miss for me, but I've decided to put some poetry on here. I started writing in the fourth grade and I never really stopped. I've written over 200 poems, and if you look at them in the order they were written it is like a big rhyming journal of my life. Here's a peek into what I'm really thinking sometimes.

I pushed you away
and I took some advice
If you live on your own
you won't have to think twice

I should have won
the Pulitzer prize
for the newest ideas
and my masking disguise

I kept to myself
and I wrote a new song
with me as the master
nothing ever went wrong

I pulled on some heart strings
but no one got through
I always decide
what you don't and you do

I toyed and I taunted
but I never quite meant it
I got mad at others
when on my line they bit

I guess in the end
we reap what we've sown
by never letting you in
I still ended up alone

Elysha 3-2-10

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