Elysha's World

Elysha's World

Friday, June 4, 2010


Alliteration's a
wonderful word
and actually also
acutely absurd

It falls from my mouth
and rolls off my tongue
it's scary and saucy
and sometimes is sung

It fills up a sentence
with joy and delight
never annoying
the soul in the night

It's quite refreshing
like roses in bloom
continually cunning
my heart to consume

it is a mouthful
of joy and gladness
the sound is so soothing
it silences sadness

Elysha 2-25-10

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Guess it Didn't Work Out

You thought I was georgeous
You thought I was "the one"
You wanted something serious
I wanted something fun
I was sitting in control
And you a loaded gun
I would call you by your name
And you would call me "hun"
I considered myself chaste
But you called me a nun
I thought you were a rainy day
You took me for the sun
You were staying, sitting still,
When I began to run
You are standing at the start
and I am finished, done
It seems to me that you have lost
And you are stunned I won.

Elysha 2-26-10

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

This is My Reply

I tend to remember
all that you say
from elaborate words
to the simple phrase, "Hey"

I think of your message
and what it implies
and how I'm stuck with girls
and your stuck with guys

A smile is worth
a thousand words
just one makes me giddy
and act quite absurd

I think and I think
and I think and I thank
you for your love
until my mind goes blank

There's meaning in lyrics
there's passion in lead
write what you mean
for it's all in your head

Over and over
I read what you said
This is my reply
now I'm going to bed
Elysha 3-25-10

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Am I Right? Do I Write?

This whole blog thing is kind of a hit or miss for me, but I've decided to put some poetry on here. I started writing in the fourth grade and I never really stopped. I've written over 200 poems, and if you look at them in the order they were written it is like a big rhyming journal of my life. Here's a peek into what I'm really thinking sometimes.

I pushed you away
and I took some advice
If you live on your own
you won't have to think twice

I should have won
the Pulitzer prize
for the newest ideas
and my masking disguise

I kept to myself
and I wrote a new song
with me as the master
nothing ever went wrong

I pulled on some heart strings
but no one got through
I always decide
what you don't and you do

I toyed and I taunted
but I never quite meant it
I got mad at others
when on my line they bit

I guess in the end
we reap what we've sown
by never letting you in
I still ended up alone

Elysha 3-2-10