Elysha's World

Elysha's World

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Slip, Slip, Slip and Slide

Today was okay. I went to school early and got a parking spot. The grass was wet from rain, and made the hill hard to climb. I've had this deep desire to roll down the hill. I love how green it is up here. I studied for an hour before class. Class was super long, but very interesting. After it was over I talked to the guy next to me, he was sitting next to me. We talked for a few minutes. I asked him about the quiz. I was going to leave so it didn’t get awkward, but he kept talking to me. So then he was like, “Want to walk?” as he pointed to the door, so we walked outside together. Then we talked for like ten minutes outside. Then we parted ways after exchanging phone numbers, and he asked me if I wanted to study with him for the test. He was so nervous, it was cute. He’s taller than me and has really pretty blue eyes. I obviously said yes. Then as I was walking down the hill to my car I totally slipped and fell on my hip. It hurt and I just laid there for a few moments. I eventually got up and looked around to see if anyone had seen me. As I finished going down the hill I noticed a guy looking at me with a “Are you alright” look on his face. I saw him and burst out laughing, while trying to imagine how I must have looked to anyone who was watching. Then I came home for lunch, watched an episode of bones, tried to figure out my online classes, bought some books, came home, did homework, ate dinner, more school work, and now bed.

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