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Elysha's World

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New School, New Babe Pool

I am now attending summer classes at a different University. The first day of class was really special. I slept in and so I was a little late getting to the college. That would have been fine, but there was absolutely no parking. After driving around I finally found a parking garage and found a spot in there. I practically ran to my class as I was now twenty minutes late. The school is situated on top of a hill and I'm not used to the altitude difference yet. By the time I got to the top of the hill I was breathing so hard that I thought I might pass out. When I got to my classroom I figured that I'd be able to sneak into one of the back seats.

WRONG! I go towards my classroom, and realize that the door is open and all of the kids in my large university class are staring at me. I was dressed nice because I had a job interview later that day. As I strolled through an isle to get to an open seat I felt like everyone was judging me thinking, "Oh, she must be one of "those" girls. I hope she's not in my group." I wanted to go up to the front of the room and explain how this was my first time on campus, how I didn't know where to park, and how I was a good hard working student. During a five minute break I decided to get to know the person in front of me. I tapped him on the shoulder and asked him what his name was. He hastily responded, "Kyle." I told him my name was Elysha and then promptly asked him where he was from. While we were talking he wouldn't turn around and face me while talking to me. He would just look over his right shoulder toward the wall. I couldn't figure out why he was acting this way until he said, "My wife would know. We have two kids." I felt stupid that I hadn't done a ring check in advance. I asked him about his kids and how he met his wife. After he realized that I wasn't flirting with him, and that I was interested in his family he wouldn't stop talking to me. He never did turn around and face me though. I really enjoyed the first day of class.

Later I was studying and I saw a high school friend saunter in across the room. I started texting her to try to get her attention. I texted her, "Look up." This is exactly what she did. She looked straight up at the ceiling. Then she looked around and looked up again. I was laughing pretty hard. I then texted her, "I mean look across the room." She looked across the room and she realized that I had been watching her the whole time. I couldn't contain myself anymore and burst out laughing. After I had a moment to compose myself, I walked over to her and talked to her for a few minutes. I can tell that I'm going to like this university all ready.

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