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Elysha's World

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Random Missing Objects

A few days ago during lunch, I came home to find the glass plate in our microwave missing. I asked everyone who was home if they knew where the plate was, but they all said they hadn't seen it. I continued on with my day, figuring that someone must have cleaned it, and then put it into their cupboard on accident or something. Later that night as Jade, Sparrow, and I sat down to eat our dinner, I casually brought up that the plate in the microwave was still missing. I turned to Sparrow, and asked her if she'd seen it. She said that she hadn't seen it, and asked me why I had only asked her. I told her that I'd already asked everyone else, and I was confused at why someone would come into our house and only steal the microwave plate. After a few minutes of silence, Sparrow finally said, "Okay, I broke it. I didn't mean to, and it wasn't my fault. I got it out to clean it and it just fell out of my hands. It wasn't my fault." I looked at Sparrow, and told her that we weren't mad at her, but that we just wanted to know what happened to it. I then asked her if she'd cleaned up the glass. She said, "Well I picked up the big pieces, but you might want to watch where you step." Jade and I jumped up from where we were sitting and very carefully ran into the living room. I put some shoes on and we speedily swept and mopped the kitchen before finishing our dinner.

Yesterday after my classes I went home to relax. I went into the bathroom and found that our shower curtains were missing. I went to Sparrows room and I asked her if she knew where the shower curtain was. She said she didn't, and went to check out the bathroom. I figured that Jade had taken it to clean it or something, but I figured that I'd have a little fun first. I said, "Sparrow! Someone has stolen our shower curtain! That is so rude. Someone must have broken in and taken it. We should tell someone."
Sparrow got really nervous and was about to fly down stairs and tell all the other girls when the door opened. Our landlords started walking up the stairs to tell us about an up coming cleaning inspection. Sparrow raced to them and said, "John and Diane, someone has stolen our shower curtain! I came home and it was missing! What should we do?"
They looked at her and said, "What are you talking about Sparrow, show us."
As Sparrow took them to look at the bathroom, Jade came up the stairs and I told her what had happened. We started laughing so hard that we were actually crying. When everything calmed down, Jade informed us that she had taken the shower curtain to wash it, and that it was down stairs in the washer. I just love my roommates.

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