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Elysha's World

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Don't Stop!

Today I had a very odd experience. Usually when I walk down the sidewalk between classes, I like to think of everyone as cars. I tend to walk really fast, so it's hard to get around a group of students that are walking extremely slow. I always feel like I'm in a traffic jam. Occasionally I go off-roading and walk on the grass to get around a backed up group. Things can get especially dangerous if people are texting and walking. They walk like 5 SPH (steps per hour). It's also really annoying if someone walks down the wrong side of the side walk, this can occasionally cause major problems, and sometimes minor accidents.

Today I got up early to finish some of my homework before my first class started. I decided to walk to the library to get it done. As I was walking the guy in front of me started to slow down significantly. It's usually really rude to just speed by someone while in the same lane as them, so I decided that I'd slow down, and enjoy my walk to the library. As we continued he kept walking slower and slower, while looking over his shoulder, until he was at a complete stop in the middle of the sidewalk. I finally decided that I'd walk around him, and as I did he started back up again and was keeping the same pace as I was side by side. I smiled and said hello as I tried to walk away as swiftly as possible. He started talking to me, and even knew me by name. I had no idea who this strange man was, and this was a problem because he was extremely cute. He kept asking me all sorts of questions, and I answered them like we were old friends or something (all the while racking my brain trying to put a name of a place with his face) We finally got to the library and said our goodbyes. Once I had found a table to sit at in the library, I remembered where I knew him from. I had met him in the Communications Club a few weeks ago. I felt really bad that I didn't remember who he was, but I'm just hoping that he couldn't tell.

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